Change animation

Im making a Game un wich they Sprite can chance with a key (or at least un trying) but i cannot resolver how to make they carácter chance back

I think you mean change, not chance (the words look similar, but mean difference things).

How do you want the character to change back? Upon key release, when another key is pressed, after a set period of time or something else?

Sorry for the ortography i have a spanish keyboard, i want to do it when i press again.

Hehe, no worries.

You’ll want to use a trigger once with the keypress condition, and a variable to check whether which sprite is being shown. It’s a little more involved because GDevelop doesn’t have an if…then clause.
Try something like:

Sorry for taking so long :sweat_smile: I had a long time without touching the computer or cellphone, but thanks for the help​:grin:

I’m going ti use this on another project because i decided that this could help on it, and i’m going to try to do this one on unity when i finish the other on this platform, still thanks You do much