Change image bank to resource bank

I think that it would make sense as game’s data is not only images but other things as well such as audio and external data such as xml files. Then any file request dialog would point to the Bank instead and you won’t have to worry that you accidentally compile game without music because you accidentally renamed music folder - GD compiler (one that turns events into c++/js code) would warn you about this or even err.

This is indeed the utlimate goal of the “image bank”: it should be renamed one day to “resource editor”.
In fact, in the GD codebase, the image bank is already refered as being the “ResourceEditor”. However, only “image resource” are handled for now. In the future, sound and music resources should be handled.

I don’t see how this would be such big of change. Just allow any file to be dumped into the bank and if it’s not image file, just don’t show a preview (there are no options that would be needed to be displayed for audio and other files so it’s no harm in [size=85]if (!resource.is_image()) {display_options=false;}[/size]). And then make it so every dialog that in events that is file select dialog would open bank window and allow selection from there (including xml files and other data in future).

Pull requests on GitHub are welcome :smiley:

More seriously, I never said it would be a big change. I’ve thinked the whole system so of course I precisely know how much a change it would be. it just take some time as everything and I’m doing other things, I’ve barely 1 hour of spare time these last days to work on GD. :slight_smile:
It’s not a critical bug, it already works well, there is no important requests about changing it, it won’t be a killer feature, so no need for it to be implemented now. (Updating the website would be something that should be considered as much more important for example.)

I get off topic, but let me ask:
Would be possible to add a new chat? So we can help and answer fast/easy questions as bad functions expressions, basic logic, etc.? :slight_smile:

Yeah, something like - chat-related traffic would be handled by external site so you won’t lose any bandwidth and it isn’t as clunky as, say, IRC.