Change opacity of whole screen by a certain amount over time

I want to change the opacity of the whole screen over time while not changing the opacity events I have for objects. Is there a way to do that?

So for example:
If object A is at 225 opacity: event x happens
If the screen’s opacity is below the max:

  1. Can you still actually see object A if the screen opacity is at a low number and Object A is at a high one
  2. Will event x ever happen?

Alternatively I could use the brightness screen effect, but that is more complicated and I would have to find more tighter values as the opacity range is 0-255 and the brightness is 0-1.

Im not at a computer so I cannot test, but you could try the layer effect ‘adjustment’ and use events to change the alpha channel to 0

How would I subtract a screen effect amount rather then set one?

I would probably use an object variable to tween from 1 to 0 and use the action ‘effect paremeter (number)’ to set the alpha value of the layer to the variable object. Not at a pc now so cannot make an example but hope this helps.

I have a text that is supposed to show the percentage of the brightness on screen and have it linked to the variable so I just need to figure out how to.
set brightness to variable/100 (because it is a percent and the normal brightness is 1) If anyone knows how to do that.

Found the right expression to use:
Set “brightness” to Variable(x)/100 for effect “x” of layer “x”