[Change Request] Don't clear shape painter on every frame

Why? There are two reasons:

  1. Control: if you decide by yourself when the shape painter gets cleared, you can controll it better

  2. Performance: drawing with a PIXI Graphics is very costly. So redrawing every frame can make performance worse if you don’t need to.

Downside: It’s a breaking change.

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Up to you to add an button in the properties of the object shape painter, and the related instructions for it.
I have not time for it.

This will allow to not rerender the shape, but all objects passing over the shape will erase the shape under. User need to understand this subtilities.
You know what i mean ?

I can do it, but have no time to add it in next weeks.

Agree that this would be useful.
This can be implemented and seen as a non backward compatible change by having a checkbox “clear the drawing at every frame” that is checked by default for saved projects, but which is not for new objects.

Done here.