Change SDK from 30 to 14?

Hi everyone I was trying to make a android game for a 4.0.5 phone and it was not working properly. I am using node js and cordova 7 to create the game files. Every time I tried to change the versioncode in the xml file it went back to versioncode 30 in android studio. I tried changing it in android studio but it said it was “read only”.
Any help with this problem would be nice. Thanks.

I don’t believe GDevelop 5 ever supported android SDK 14. So I’m not sure you will be able to manually override this.

SDK 14 was made end of life right around when GD5 first launched, so it was likely already in a new version.

Someone with more source code/android experience may be able to chime in if that us incorrect.

Ok thanks for telling me about this. I just thought it was possible because of this android game someone made. Link removed.

In general, most folks here (and the internet at large), aren’t going to download a random APK from a unofficial app store.

Beyond the above, unless any more cordova savvy folks chime in, I’m not sure there’s much other assistance we can provide. Just like with Windows based games, in most cases engines will stop supporting operating systems once the OS developer does.

I decided to remove the link. I am sorry about posting it here.

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Each API version comes with breaking changes, it cannot be changed just like that. An up-to-date GDevelop will use an up-to-date Cordova, which uses the latest API level to comply with play store policies. Cordova cannot work on some older API levels due to required APIs not existing for older API versions, and changes to APIs in never versions making their use on older versions not work.

You could technically build for an older API level by building manually using an older Cordova version. That would come with a few things to take in mind:

  1. You will either need to transpile your manual builds Javascript or use an ancient GDevelop version to have es5 Javascript, since older devices are stuck with older views and old Javascript.
  2. You won’t be able to publish the game on the play store or to play it on newer devices, since it would be using an old deprecated API level.
  3. You will probably get low performance and bugs.

I won’t provide guidance on how to do such a build.