Change selected part and rotate it in sprite animation?

How do I…

I want to edit Red Hero character sprites to make new animations. But I don’t know how the drawing was made (since the color goes from light to dark) I though on just changing part positions, but I don’t know how to select part and rotate the selected part.

I have used the selection buttom and selected part doesn’t move.

Can you please be more specific or provide some images? I don’t get what you are trying to do, are you trying to edit the Red Hero with Piskel or something like that? You can not rotate the selection in Piskel, and if you want to move the selection you must hold Shift while dragging it with the left mouse button.

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Yes, is with piskel. I’m new and I want to make animation sprites. Do you know how the drawing of red hero was made? That goes from light color to darker? Is it in piskel or other software?

I don’t know how. And probably another software.

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Thanks then. I’ll wait for another answer.

A color going from light to dark sounds like a gradient which I don’t think can be done in Piskel. But I’m guessing about what you want. Can you post a picture of what you mean.

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Yes, it seems gradient. But it makes it even seen as 3D. Unless, there is an option to light one point and shadow the other.

Exactly. Unfortunately you’ll need to look beyond Piskel for this. There are free paint tools that will do this, I’m pretty sure the windows program Paint dot net does. But if you need an online editor then will be harder to find.

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