Change Tank of a Particle Emitter?

I’m using a particle emitter (PE) and I wanted to create different PE with different “Number of Particle in Tank” to simulate a duration (i. e.: setting Tank to 100 and Flow to 50 to make it last 2 seconds) but I don’t see a way to change the Tank when I create a new one; the only one similar was Capacity but it doesn’t work and the new PE have the default value for Tank.

Some advice?

Just change the particles via actions, if you insist of using the same emitter.
But if you just use another emitter (same poition, created when the other emitter is out of particles), you save yourself some time and performance.

I am not using the same cause I have more than one PE at the same time (not much for the lag but however at the same time); I just wanted to create new ones with random durations based on Tank and Flow (both changed via Actions) and I can change Flow but not Tank; and I was wondering if I was overlooking something…

It should have been such a clean solution…

there is capacity …

Yes, I know… but it doesn’t seem to change the Tank, maybe it’s something else… I havn’t found info on every parameter of the PE in the official docs!

but it is there

i have checked it, and it indeed does change the tank, but the flow stops anyway, after the initial load is out.
when i tried to use .NbParticles() to see whats going on, the game doesnt even start. i get a black screen.

Well, the list is visible even when you choose the parameters in the editor… I meant that there is not an explanation of what they do and even if something it’s clear, something else really isn’t.

However, yes, It was the same thing that I have tried and failed… maybe its a bug?

i tested it a bit more, and i assume it is indeed a bug.
i´ll report it.

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