Change Text but Leave Consistent Phrase

I want to display a few variables via text object in my game (Money, Health, etc), and I have it set to display the variable at any given time, but I was hoping to have the same text object say “Money: $” or "Health: " before reading off the variable. Is there a way to make it do that?


Do you mean something like this (which doesn’t exist yet!) :

Set =Format("Health: {0}    Exp: {1} ...", VariableString(health), VariableString(experience))


Yeah, that looks right. That’s not an option yet? Too bad. I more or less already fixed the problem by having there be a single text object that doesn’t change that lists what all the variables are, then a separate changing text object that reads out what the variables are after the first one; I have 5 variables I wanted displayed and my goal was to not have 10 object variables in order to display them, but now I just have 6 and that works fine.

But, I mean, what I showed can already be done like this:

Set ="Health: " + VariableString(health) + "    Exp: " + VariableString(experience) to the text of ...

Oh, cool, thank you.