Change to custom scene

Hello guys. I have a little problem and i want to know i can solve it.
So, i tried to change the scene to “level_1” scene. But i want more in case i have more levels, so i decided to write like this: Change to scene: “level_” + “1” and it s just works. Now i want this “1” to be whatever number i want, let s say a number that is stored in some scene variable. So i write like this “level_” + “Variable(nextLevel)”, and of course doesn t work, because this thing will try to go at “level_Variable(nextLevel)” scene, which of course (again) doesn`t exist.

Sorry for my english and i hope someone will help me with this, thanks in advance.

Remove the quotes around the expression :wink: quotes mean that you give it literal text, and that it shouldn’t interpret it as an expression.

The correct expression is:

“level_” + VariableString(nextLevel)

VariableString will read the number as text, even if nextLevel is a numeric variable.

Thanks for the answers, but still didn t manage to solve the problem. When i click on next level button in game nothing happens. I put "level_” + VariableString(nextLevel).

EDIT: Solved.