Change to scene BUG(mobile only)

I hv made a mobile game with Gdevelop, it took me quite a bit time for optimization, after optimization and everything I m struck into a different sort of bug!!!

Here is the bug(only happens on mobile)

I hv 4-5 scenes

When game ends there is play again button which shd take me to menu,
Then there is play , quit button

What Gdevelop is doing that is making me jump From play again directly to game, showing menu scenes for few milliseconds , skipping it to game

This is happening to me for 2-3 scenes

Also Buttons are quite far so there is no way of clicking twice

Maybe you change a variable to 1 to trigger the first play, and then forget to change that variable back to 0. Hard to say without seeing the events.
Check the menu scene, how you trigger the scene change.