Change to scene is not working on Android smartphone


I have a problem I really can’t solve. so I hope you can help me.

Function change to scene is not working.

When I test the game in the Gdevelop including in browser, then it works normally.

but when I export to apk, and I try it on Android smartphone. then it doesn’t work.

when I press the button, a new scene opens for a split second, and brings me back.

I do not understand why :frowning:

a new scene should remain.

this is how it should work:

and this is how it works at this moment on Android smartphone:

Thank you

Have you tried adding:
The left mouse button is clicked/touch is down
condition to the touch events?

I remember reading this solution a few weeks ago from Silver-Streak and while it’s not the same problem as yours, it would at least help you to troubleshoot the problem if it doesn’t help.

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unfortunately it did not helped me :frowning:
I’ve tried some other options, but nothing works … I can’t just find out what the problem is

i have also tried this but when i press the button, the button does not respond at all. this I tried it on the computer, and on the cell phone

See what happens when you use this condition. The condition you added doesn’t mention touch. And it’s a touch problem on a phone you’re trying to fix.

Sorry, I think your screenshot shows one of the many things you tried. And you did try the touch/button condition.

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I managed to solve the problem.

please see

in fact I added, touch or left mouse button is down. after that everything works.

For virtual controls, is this configuration ok?

Thank you

Oh very good, glad to hear it’s working. You’re using leftmouse released and cursor/touch for the scene changers, so is that working on mobile touch? For the third screenshot the way you have the different button touches as sub events of Touch/Left mouse is down looks good. It seems a strange place to have At the beginning of the scene though, haha, but my Gdevelop experience is not strong enough to know whether it’s a problem or just unusual or just me. I guess usually Beginning of the scene would be the top event in its event block.

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