Change Vector Y in Platform Character

You know Mega Man and Mega Man X? If you press the jump button for a tiny amount of time, the character will jump some pixels, and immediately go down. I saw a Construct 2 tutorial that said “Change Vector Y”, but I don’t know any way of doing this.

1º Attempt: I tried increasing gravity, but it didn’t saw natural.
2º Attempt: Made the jump speed 0, but it didn’t change anything. (and making jump sustain 0 don’t work either, bc I didn’t add jump sustain)

Any help is appreciated

Is it a minijump you’re trying to make?

Yes, just like in Mega Man X and Mega Man series.

That is the “Jump sustain” parameter on the platformer behavior. Try changing that and the jump speed to see what you like the feel of better.

I just tried it out, and it didn’t get a better effect. I tried these variables:

And other ones, but mostly, the jump sustain didn’t sustain anything.
And my character sprite and collision is this:

I think Jump sustain maxes at 1, I haven’t messed with it before though.

However, I just tested on the web app and it works fine for me.

Here’s me trying between 0.4 sustain and 1 second sustain, testing both held jumps and taps. Both have noticeably different jump heights.