Changing a string to a variable name

I am trying to save a storage that will store unlocking and locking levels. I am trying to do it in an easier term like this:

CurrentSceneName() = A level number(string)
Global Variables = named like this “lev” + CurrentSceneName()

I tried to do it this method but it never accepts. It there any other way?

Use a structure variable. This is a dictionary, with a key-value pairing.

You could name the structure “Levels”, and the children would take the “variable” name, and the value would be the variable value. So it would look like:


And you would access the value with:

Levels[“Lev” + VariableString(CurrentSceneName()]

So if the CurrentSceneName() is 2, then you’d get “UnderwaterScene” from the previous line.

* Levels["lev" + CurrentSceneName()]

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So this answer will make the variable name the current scene name