Changing angle too much hides object

Here is the video of code with angle changes (Object randomly gets hidden):

the code with angle change:

Here is the video of code WITHOUT angle changes (No more being hidden):

(i disabled the angle changes by pressing D on the events)

I put this in bug reports because i dont know why changing the angle would hide the object, and maybe someone can help find a work around? I tried using tweens but those also did the same effect.

Can you use the top-right :mag: icon at eventsheet and search the word “Hide” (at the eventsheet sentence search) ?

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Other game modes don’t hide themselves though. they work by changing the animation of player (cube inside is called small player) and there’s no checks on the events that hide the player if they’re ufo or not. The player isn’t being hidden I’ve checked (and also opacity is always 255, checked with text in top of screen that reports opacity of player)

Why is one version green?

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Pressing update button in gdevelop resets global variables so the color was changed to their defaults of yellow and blue. also global variables don’t change the hiding it still hides if I reset all global variables and change the angle fast

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Ok, I just want to try to rule out any animations or effects. The only event you change is the angle? There are no tweens or z-order changes or layer changing. IDK, it just seems weird.

I would watch the x,y of the object either with the debugger or using a text object.

Have you tried using the draw collisions and hitboxes? I would check the show hidden

I used a text object and player travels normally and doesn’t disappear. Idk why i graphed this but these are the x and y values while disappearing (first label is when is disappears then second is when its back)

Here’s the video

Only thing I would suspect is that whenever it appears again there’s a blue hitbox left behind :confused:
(Accidentally left code in video but that’s good)

Did you toggle the option “show hitboxes of invisible objects”? I think it was supposed to show its hitbox even when it was invisible.

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(Edited cuz i forgot i changed it after the fact :sob: )

Are there 2 stacked objects. The player and a ship? How is the UFO following the player?

Is the UFO an animation of the player, are there any blank frames or animations?

I just read where the square is mini player.

No blank animations or frames at all. all of the ones before this are filled

Mini player follows UFO with the “sticker” extension

I’m stumped. There are only so many ways for an object to not be seen. You seem to have ruled out most.

opacity set to 0
z-order or layer puts it behind another object like the background
the show/hide
it’s moved to another location
a behavior, function or effect
a blank animation
it’s scaled or resized too small to see
a bug

a mask
a blend mode

that is why I think it’s a bug it shouldn’t be happening. also there is no way its blend mode or a mask I just found out those existed I don’t change those at all

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