Changing between different behaviours?

Im currently using a platformer character, is it possible to switch to top down movement, like a flying character, I already have an idea on how to do the switch, but actually switching the behaviours in game is what im having issues with.

What’s your idea? Do you have any events to share?

While you can enable/disable behaviors, I’ve noticed that some behaviors are never fully disabled. I’ve also read posts against mixing behaviors.

You could create multiple player objects and hide, disable or even add/delete them as needed. If they were all in an object group. You could probably use most of the same events just make sure the events are subevents of a condition like “PlayerGroup object Is visible” to filter out the hidden ones and could have certain events only triggered based either on the objects name or an object variable(s).

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You can add the two behaviours to the object’s behaviours. In the events, you can turn behaviours on and off:


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Ah yeah, i kinda figured out what your saying. Alright ill try it out see what happens

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