Changing PIXI.js pixel ratio on mobile

I implemented the system above for pixel perfect scaling which works as intended on PC and web. Unfortunately it does not work on mobile, neither in a browser or as an apk:

The pixels are of an inconsistent size (especially obvious when reading the text) and the game reports 412x892 as the resolution. My phones resolution is 1080x2340, so the pixel ratio must be about 2.6223. If I was able to set it to 4 instead, the game would perfect and I imagine would use less resources on rendering at the same time.

I am fairly certain this has to do with the pixel ratio of a viewport on mobile, and from searching around it seems that PIXI.js can be configured to respect pixel art with proper configuration. Unfortunately I have no idea how to configure PIXI.js in GDevelop. Help?

The game for context: