Changing scene in behavior

Hello everyone,

I am changing the way my game works by using the behavior feature to simplify the changes and to have something lighter. The game works with a level system and I would like that when a sprite collides with another sprite, it changes the scene to the next level. This is programmed in the character’s sprite behavior, and among the parameters, the user has to enter the number of the next scene (I need the number and not the scene name to be able to modify data from this number and all scenes use a name of the form “level_X” with X the level number). I must be missing something but I can’t enter the parameter related to the scene number in the “Go to scene …” function, I don’t understand how to enter the parameter (which is PARAM4 and is called scene).

I hope that I have been clear, do not hesitate to ask me additional information or clarifications and thank you in advance for your help.

Is this a behaviour you have developed? If so, provide screen shots of your behaviour definitions, and maybe someone can help out.