Changing scenes problem

I have a ‘stop’ button. When this button is touched, the scene changes to the scene ‘Homepage’. In the Homepage scene, someone can start a new game by touching anything on the screen. I have this problem changing to the scene Homepage:
When I touch the ‘stop’ button, the game changes to the scene Homepage, but the game starts directly because of touching the stop button. So with one touch on the ‘Stop’ button you can change to the scene Homepage and start the game. This is not what I want. I want to change to the scene ‘Homepage’ by using the ‘Stop’ button, and after the player must touch again to start the game. Using trigger once is not working. Any solution?

Sounds like it’s due to the fact that as soon as the scene changes, it’s registering your click/touch on the new scene.

The simplest fix would just have a timer to delay any events for 0.1 seconds. See the example below to get on the right track.

(In the scene you’re going TOO)


Are the stop and start buttons at the same position in different scenes?
Use the “De/activate moving the mouse cursor with touches” action.

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