changing the codes

hello guys.

i’ve finished my game and im on the intel xdk stage.

in the gdevelop the conditions are that if you press right or left the player. is there a way to chnage it to touch screen option in the intel xdk or is it quicker to just change in gdevelop?

The easiest way is to do it in GD, take a look at the Web Platformer template (GD root folder / Templates / Web Plataformer), check the last events to get a multitouch + buttons system working :slight_smile:

thanks. just one question

is the testing in Intel xdk accurate? some sprites are not working and even when the touch has ended it still going

I’ve never used Intel XDK, but it should, I think… Export the Web Platform template and check if it has the same problem. By the way, are your fps high? :slight_smile:

yh i did export the web platform template. that is why was asking because when i exported it the there are some actions that are not working like the sprite changing and the other problem that i mentioned earlier. i checked the events and even used preview mode and it works properly there.

the fps is 60 (maximum) and 20 (minimum)