Changing the size of a sprite in scene and how it affects performance

From performance perspective …
You have a sprite at the size of 16x16 px
You clicked on the object and changed the size (the customize size option)
The first test: you changed the size of it in the scene to 50x50 px
The second test: you changed the sprite size in the scene to 100x100 px
The real question is … does GD read the original size of the sprite which is 16x16 px OR it reads the size which is in the scene (which is 50x50 and 100x100)?
Note: only talking about sprite objects …
Really waiting for an answer about this …

It reads the size of each instance of the object in the scene (in this case, 50x50 and 100x100).

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@erdo Thank a lot for fast reply : )

Yeah I just changed it :slight_smile:

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@erdo so the object with the size 100x100 px will impact performance more than 50x50 px … right?

The bigger the sprite, the higher the impact on performance.