Character coming out of a vertical place

I drew this picture because I didn’t know how to explain it exactly
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What does that diagram show?
What do the rectangle and triangle represent?
Are any of them moving?
What do you want to happen (what are you trying to achieve), and what happens at the moment?
Can you do a screen snip rather than an abstract illustration?

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I mean, I want the character to be like in the second picture, not like in this picture when climbing a steep hill, I want the character to go according to the ground.
just like this

Rotate the character sprite based on the angle of the slope?

You could also have a “walking up/down” animation that plays when not walking on flat ground.

I tried to rotate the character but only the image returned. Hit box didn’t return. Do you know a way to rotate the hit box as well?

Is your hitbox a separate object from the Player? Or, are you using a collision mask on the Player object?

If it’s separate, you’ll need to add events that allow the hitbox object to rotate as well.

hit box and character same problem is character stays in air when it spins
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like this