Character don`t shoot diagonal (overhead-game)

At the moment I made an overhead-shooter in the style from Gauntlet / Commando etc.
I still struggle with the shooting direction from my player. I used variables to control the player animation and bullet direction. Meanwhile the player can shoot in four directions but I have no idea how to get the player shooting in an diagonal direction.

In the case the player press button Up + Right at the same time, the bullet-variable should set to “1”. I set the variable for the diagonal bullet direction to “1” too. But the player still shoot up.
Sorry my bad english. It`s not my native speak.

What happens if you add “Trigger Once” in the Up + Right condition field?

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
But nothing happens. Its the same reaction like before. It seems that the program even didnt notice that I press “Up + Right” at the same time to change the variable. But I can`t see why.

Ahh I think it’s because you typed in the keys and put them in quotations. Just try putting them in the same event, underneath each other by selecting them from the list… Like this >

^ Because both the keys are still in the same event, it means they both need to be pressed for the condition to be fulfilled

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It works. Many many thanks :slight_smile: I really sat since the last two days on this problem.

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