Character getting jammed up on slopes

is there a reliable way to create slopes in a game? my character keeps getting hitched temporarily on my platforms when they sloped up or down. I tried out the not a vania template to see what was different but I don’t think I am doing much different. Is it better to create platforms while using the grid turned on perhaps or is there a way to anchor them together somewhat?the character usually gets stuck at the bottom or the top, and sometimes not at all.

In your screenshot, you have a slight gap (or dip) between the flat platform and the slope. They have to be fully overlapping with no dip to avoid the deceleration you’re seeing.

You also have a slight bump at the top of the slope, which will cause an issue if you go backwards.

As far as I know that is the only way to avoid issues, and is how I did it in Not-A-Vania.

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awesome, thank you Silver!