Character stuck at the ladder when running left

The problem is that Green Hero can run right past the ladder but cannot run left past the ladder. There are left and right round buttons on the screen to touch/the mouse.
How to fix the character when running left stuck at the ladder?

Ladder problems video (Google Drive)

For the ladder collision, I resized it.

This is the code for Green Hero mobile controls to move left and right. The code is not in the ladder external event.

This is the ladder code in the external event

PS: I use a PC to preview and test the game. Not yet used the phone to test the game.
Thank you for taking the time to read, If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

I would move the simulate climb and animation actions to the cursor/touch event(s) No need to climb until the up /down keys are pressed.

Hi, I don’t quite understand what you mean. I try to change the code and it somehow works but there is some problem. When Green Hero goes way up the ladder will somehow glitch/shake and then fall without pressing the down key. Another problem is after Green Hero comes down the ladder immediately pressing the left key Green Hero can’t go left. (Sorry, this is my first time doing coding)

Ladder problems 2 videos (Google Drive)

This is the latest ladder coding

No worries. Ladders are also my weakness. Check the platform’s platform behavior I think you want the type to be jump through. If it’s still an issue then maybe the ladder is to short.

I’m on phone and I’m unsure about the other issue. I’m not sure if the down button needs the simulate ladder button.

I would look at some platform tutorials or examples. The ladder system could be smoother.

Thanks for the time to reply I really appreciate it.

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