Choose a random animation when player is under attack?

I wanna right an event that when the player is under attack by enemy choose one of the selected animation for under attack action randomly.
I already have tried " 30 -Random(2) " but it doesn’t seem to be working accurately. It’s cycling between a few animation constantly and one of them is not selected for anything yet, in the events. what to do? :confused:

I think we’ll need the file to help you on this or an illustrated of both events and what happen on the scene.

30 - Random(2) will return 28/29/30. If the animation is looping it’s an execution problem as we told in antoher post…

Also try to avoid creating multiple posts for the same issue, or at least add a tag like [CLOSED] or [TOBEDELETED] (not sure about forum rules about this) on older posts if the discussion was sterile, or the question badly explained/unsolved.

ok, I was thinking to close the previous post, but though if I get the answer on the previous forum.