Choose an object window is empty in external events

I don’t know if it a bug or missing feature, but If I’m using external events I cant choose objects from the “choose an object” list because it empty and sometime I also get syntax error message for example, when I use object.Direction() because the event think that my object is not exist. Anyway, if I type in my object name manually and I ignore the error message it works no problems, but I think the external events should see my objects so I can choose from the list and don’t get error message.

Above the events, you have a list where you can choose which scene will be used as a basis. It’s on “None” by default.

It would be nice if GD could keep the selected scene every time the project is closed.
Or to take by default the first scene of the list. So the global objects would be at least accessible directly.

Even If I enter the name of my scene above, it doesn’t change anything. The list still empty, and I get error message.

I have just noticed that, for every scene we have separated object editor.
So if I make a new scene, the object editor is empty for the new scene. :astonished:
How about make object editor a global editor so every scenes, every events access the objects from the same source with the same settings?
If I want something to be different for a specified scene, I can import it using a different name and settings. Not a big deal for me.
Doesn’t matter I have 100 or 101 objects or even 200 in my objects editor it messy anyway, (Global) categories in a Global Object Editor can be more useful than separated scene object editors. :imp:

Don’t know if you noticed it, but you can right-click on a object in the Object Window, and make it global by choosing the option. It will then be available in any other scene and in external events (if a scene is chosen in its drop-down list).

Yes I have noticed, but in my opinion it doesn’t make sense because I want most of my objects to be global why should I restrict them.
And once they are global they don’t restricted to that scene any longer, so why do I have to enter the name of the scene to be available to choose. It should be available everywhere once it global.

In my opinion all the objects should be global by default, we may have two different object editor, Global and Local\Scene, and once an object is global (which is the default) it should be available everywhere. I mean also in all object editor, scene events and external events to choose. If I want to keep an object as a local\scene object because I want different version for every scene or something, I could choose it to be local for this scene or even scenes only, so that object not going to be available anywhere else only in the specified scene event and object editor so I can make different versions of the object with the same name for other scenes, if this is the purpose of the separated object editor.

But would be even better If we have only a global object editor with the possibilities to use categories. I could make categories like scene1,scene2 and choose which objects belongs to that category. But I have already mentioned this to 4ian in feature request.

Thanks anyway.

That’s not a big deal to have to choose a scene :wink:

In my opinion all the objects should be local by default :slight_smile:
This is a good thing in general in programming: As long as you can create local objects, it’s good. So by making objects local by default, Game Develop is enforcing this good practice.

I’m not against adding categories to objects editor, but I won’t make objects global by default. It’s against good pratices again, and it would encourage people to create many scene instead of using external layouts.
Really, it’s not a big deal for you: If you want to use global objects, then make them global, and when editing external events, just choose any scene to edit them so your objects will be available :slight_smile: