Circullar Parallax possible?

Is it possible to offset a tiled sprite background to expand in the direction of a top-down character? But not shrink on the opposite side?
The effect I’m looking for is an exporable (infinite) open world. The character is a spaceship moving in all directions, and the background is two sets of stars, far ones moving slower than nearer ones in parallax.

In other worlds, a ship moving by changing it’s real X and Y position in all directions, not some kind of illusion, while the background “procedurally” generates new discovered space.

Hmm. I am sure to understand your issue :sweat_smile:
Have you tried using the actions “Image X Offset” and “Image Y Offset” on your Tiled Sprite ?

Just increment your too tiled sprite by a different amount as your ship moves, to create that parallax effect.