Click button about transitions (no key button)

Hi i am back finally i did it, to make options works in different scene.

now i wanna know about fade in, fade out

ok so my idea is… if i click quit button will do fade in (opacity) but its not works
because i cant understand why. I watched this video: Scene Transitions in Gdevelop! - Tutorial - YouTube but there is problem how can i make this using buttons? (no keys)
when you start the game (play test) the opacity will do fade out but when i click quit button its not working for fade in.

(don’t mind the shadow animation, if it not works i will use)

how can i make when i trigger one the sprite will dissapear to 0 opacity

You can add the tween behavior to the sprite and then use its opacity tween. Then when the tween is finished you can delete the tween and do whatever you want to happen next.

I used the mouse as the trigger, use whatever condition(s) you need to.

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Ok its working thx


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