Click Slayer - Tapping Game

Hi GDevelopers!
Wanted to challenge myself again and see how long it takes to do a simple game. Well it took several hours instead of 3…

What do you think, would that be possible for you to make in around 3 hours (including searching for assets and polishing)?

Are there any features you could think of that can be included fast so the game would be a lot nicer?

I hope you enjoy the game :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I am impressed! You made this in three hours?!? It’s simple but absolutely addicting! I love it!!! :exploding_head::scream:


Fantastic work! :scream:
Great feedback on choice & effect, especially for a game made in under a day. :wink: :+1:


First of all thank you both for playing and the nice comments! I am glad that it’s addicting :wink:

It was done in around 12h in sum maybe. But I could imagine that someone with a straight plan and a good set of assets, or at least knowing where to find them on point, and of course some very good knowledge about GDevelop could have done it way faster. The assets are mostly not mine by the way, so I saved a lot of time not doing the graphics, music and sound.

I learned on the way that defining the features and sticking to them can save a lot of time. Otherwise during the development you go like: “oh and don’t forget this and that … that’s nice to have and maybe this …” It’s a never ending story.