Clicking on buttons don't work right

When placing 2 buttons on the same coordinates on 2 different scenes is causing both buttons to be triggerd.

e.g.: When placing a button on scene 2 and on scene 3 (doesn’t matter if the names are the same or different) both at the same coordinates (I used these to return to the previous scene) clicking on the button on scene 3 will cause the button on scene 2 also to be triggered.

See attached test program.
Scene test.rar (2.65 MB)

Hey rfrijhoff,

I had the exact same problem in my app. It seems you have your buttons set with the condition being the cursor over the button and the left mouse button being held down. The problem you are experiencing is because the conditions are true regardless of the scene. If you hold your mouse button down over the button you can see infinite looping back and forth between the scenes because the conditions are always true. A solution you can add to this is to change the condition, instead of the mouse button is held down, you could have the button activate once the mouse button is released.

This helps but sometimes the scene switches so fast the it might still activate the button on two different scenes. Now I’m not sure if your button action is to pause scene and to return, or if you have it set to change scene. If it is set to change scene you can set a timer as a condition on your button for 0.3 or 0.4 seconds, what this does is ensure that the mouse button has been completely released before the timer is up so you won’t accidentally trigger the button on the scene you are switching to.

I hope this all makes sense, I tend to ramble a bit :smiley: if you have any questions let me know!

Yay, it got it indeed working by using a timer.


At the beginning of the scene Pause timer “Delay”
Reset the timer “Delay”


The Cursor/Touch is on thumb01
Touch or Left mouse button is down Pause the scene and start scene3
Unpause timer “Delay”


The Cursor/Touch is on backtostory Stop the scene and go back to the previous paused one
Touch or Left mouse button is down
The timer “Delay” is greater than 1 seconds

In this case it’s no problem using 1 second because you don’t go back within 1 second. And I don’t think there will be a situation where you using less than 1 second in a scene.

Thanks for your suggestion.