Climbing 45% Slopes


My Player always gets stuck at the bottom and peak of slopes, tried every trick, trimmed the Collision Mask and the Slope Images and slope max Behavior of Player, still gets stuck.

Help Please

If you are on the newest version (5.0.123), then unfortunately this is going to be something specific to your game, either your settings, your assets, or your collision boxes.

I can’t reproduce your issue at all after numerous tests:

You can test it here yourself:

Hi Silver-Streak thanx for your example, has shown me it must be in my programming.
Would there be any chance you could send me the example, not the full game so that
I can learn what I may be doing wrong ?.

There are no custom events in the example I showed above.

It is just the normal platformer template (included in the engine) with the first platform rotated 45 degrees (and stretched a bit to make it larger).