Clothing system advice/help

Does anyone know what’s the best way to go about a clothing/equipment system, so you can basically equip ; shirts,pants,hats, swords and whatever you wish to add, the only way i could think of making this work is, to split every body part on the character into a individual piece, and then manually animate each and every clothing for the character, and when you equip for instance a shirt it’ll change the animation of the chest to tthat specific shirt. LMK if anyone knows a better way, beacuse this way will take forever if i have a ton of different clothing.

That’s the correct way to proceed.
But if it’s only a color change, we have a “Tint color” action that can be helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice, although im not looking to change the “skin color” of the character, im looking for a efficient way to create a clothing system. and i though about another way it could be done; i could make a point for each body part, for instance, a point named shirt, and when i equip a shirt, it’ll position that shirt on that point. and then the shirt will contain all the animation for each character animation so that it matches the arm movement, and what not. do you think that’s a good way?

Yes, that’s what you need to do.
I meant you can use the tint color action to easily offer similar shirts with different colors.

oh, yea good idea, although each shirt is a individual item that could be obtained in my game in various ways. and those items are stored in a inventory. so i would need to create a new object anyways. and to tint the color to the objects color would be hard. but i’ll consider that as a possibility. Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile: