Colision by pixel, difference with normal colision?

I thought Colision by pixel was for this: … mbined.jpg

But I used it and no, looks like the box colision so, what is its purpose?
Or maybe it is bugged :confused:

Collision by pixel is collision by pixel and it’s not bugged. But it works only between Sprite objects.

Yes, it is bugged.
P.rar (13.1 KB)

It is not bugged, the feature is disabled for the web platform (performance issues I think), it uses the collision masks too. For example with more suitable collision masks this effect is not noticeable with those shapes: (11.6 KB)

The pixel-perfect collision detection works perfectly in the native platform :wink:

Well then I was right, it is bugged in html5 :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem of colision masks is that you can’t do one each frame. But it is a good aprox.

As Victor said, it is not bugged… it has been disabled intentionally :wink:

Disabled because it is bugged :unamused:

anyway, what’s the purpose of have something disabled that in adittion doesn’t say anywhere that it is disabled?

Forget it, it isn’t even disabled, it never existed: pixi.js (the rendering engine for web) doesn’t support pixel-perfect collision detection (at least until the last year), reasons as “polygons can work very well on web games” are common :wink:

Nobody never said nothing about it’s bugged, I even gave you a factible reason to disable it: “performance”, so please stop it :angry: