Collide with one enemy while letting other enemies pass by?

I am creating a game where enemies spawn randomly and try to destroy the base that the player is trying to protect. I want to have enemies that are not in combat with the player go past without colliding.

You can probably achieve this in a few ways, but the simplest may be to use variables to set when the enemies should pass or fight. Do you already have some events in place for combat? If so, can you post a screenshot?

as of now I do not have any event for combat

I would get the combat part working, then we can help you figure out how to make only certain enemies engage while others pass. A custom behavior might be the way to go for setting up the combat logic. It’s hard to suggest how to adjust events when they don’t exist yet, especially since there is likely to be more than one way to handle it :wink:

how would i go about doing that? my game is a tap game so when you tap the player dashes to the nearest enemy to attack it, and moves to the next enemy as you keep taping.

Ah, to be honest, I have no experience with creating that type of game.

I believe you would need to start by adding the “cursor/touch is on an object” condition and then specify the actions that make the player dash to the nearest enemy, which would possibly include specifying the position of the enemy in question and moving the player toward it. :thinking:

I think this is beyond the extent of my knowledge at the moment though, sorry.

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