Collision between two objects vary sides

I was creating a game with a tetris-style mechanic, and I came across a peculiar thing. My intention was that when the object collided with another object it would stop. I can do this mechanic, but collision detection sometimes works only on the sides of the object, or only on the upper parts. How can I solve this problem?

Hard to say, you’re not giving us much data to work with. :slight_smile:
Check your hitboxes.

I hope it’s visible. Basically the commands are these, when F is pressed, a block is created in the Y position and falls until it collides with the floor or with the copy of the own. But sometimes the object only detects the collision on the top of the objects or only on the sides

And apparently the collision mask is ok

Can you make a screenshot of a collision that is not detected, with a screenshot of the related hitboxes?