collision problems in HTML5

I have been having problems with the collision in HTML5. when using the native platform the problem is tolerable but still a little evident.

when colliding into other object it causes the player to go to another place
project!mccFRA7Z!Oij2F2icJ … uoO7whvPZs
key: Oij2F2icJ-gda8u0K1KJJFZ84RiUtTyD0uoO7whvPZs
video!KVNQnJbT!_pdcNBsBL … z3sWTSt6tk
decryption key: _pdcNBsBLyl5NVUV5DuXaYTtiGubO2m-zz3sWTSt6tk

One of the problem is because you only make the camera follow the player when he is not colliding with an obstacle, remove this condition, it is useless and make the camera looks like there is a problem.
Another thing is that you’re calling twice the “move away” action, maybe try to remove one.

what condition is that?

Can’t remember the exact one, but just look at your events, it’s a condition testing collision that is in an event that move the camera, it shouldn’t be complicated to find :slight_smile:

thanks i sorted it out. the problem was actually the collision mask. if the collision masks are inconsistent it will make the player to move away further than its supposed to.

Ok, just a remark, next time please post your message in the appropriate forum (Help for game creation) :wink:

Maybe he genuinely thought this was a bug? When I’ve started with GD I’ve thought (and reported) some things were bugs that weren’t bugs after all.