Collisions just stop at a certain point

No idea why but apparently collisions no longer register. I’ll show you what I mean.


So it works fine for a while, and then it will go past everything, and no longer register any collisions. Does anyone know if there’s at least a way to visualize/display the collision shape?

Edit: I just realized I was only checking for one type of asteroid. Such a stupid mistake on my part. Thanks for the help!

Can i see your events? And every item (Big asteroid, medium and little asteroid) have physics 2?

Okay so I edited my message after you made your reply – it’s not using physics 2, just a regular collision with the asteroids. Also I just found out, that I screwed up, I was only checking for collisions for big asteroids, so lol, human error :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though!

jajaja never mind, see you in other post!