Color changing over time slowly with smooth transition?FIXED

Hello! Just one more. :slight_smile:
Does anyone know how to make a smooth transition from color to color over time?
I only have colors popping in instantly without a smooth transition or even a quick transition at least.

Thanks in advance! :unamused:

Check this:
ColorTransition.gdg (10.5 KB)
Just use the Lerp function to interpolate between each color component, from (r1, g1, b1) to (r2, g2, b2) :wink:

ceil( X ); = Round number example : ceil(1.1) = 2;
lerp( A ,B ,T ); = Make a transition between A and B, T is a value between 0 to 1, T change with the TimeDelta (second from last image, divide T by 5 gives us a animation transition will take 5 seconds)

in my example timer is reboot for make a loop transition
transitionLerp_color.gdg (10.8 KB)

Thank you very much, Lizard and Bouh for fixing the formula and providing some examples. It’s much easier to understand now and I now know how lerp and ceil works. Never even heard of those terms before. :smiley: