Color the sprites of white

Hi, do you know alternatives to change the color to the sprites in white?
I am using this extension but I find significant drops in frames to the first activation

IIRC, that extension works on the individual pixels, which at a higher level language is slow.

Because you’re switching between white and black, you can’t use the sprite tint option.

The only 2 solutions I can come up with are:

  1. have a second set of images with the whites black, and use them as another set of animations, or
  2. duplicate the sprites in the editor, change their colour in a beginning of scene event and then swap them in and out in the event you posted. There’ll be a slight hit when the scene loads, but it’s a one off and probably not really noticeable.
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The enemies have multiple animations, I think I have to do without it.
I really liked the idea to simulate damage but it remains too heavy for performance

Another thought, though I’m not sure if it’ll work. You could put a Wait command as the first action (say for 0.01 seconds) and then apply the recolour. I’m not sure if it’ll then run the recolour in an asynchronous way, but it could be worth a crack.

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do you mean stopping enemies for a 0.01 on startup, starting the recoloring and then resetting it?