Combining Native and HTML5 Projects

Is there a reason why native and HTML5 games are strictly separated so that I have to choose the platform already when I create a new project?
I was naughty and created two simple projects one for HTML5 and one native, then I exchanged the platform strings in the “Project.gdg” files and sudently the games could be compiled for the other platform.
Wouldn’t it be better to add a flag to each automatism and stuff that marks it as available for HTML5/native/both. That would enable us to create a general project and decide about the platform later while developing the game. If I only use those features that are available on both platforms I could export the game to HTML5 or native binaries and if I for example use stuff that is only marked for native the HTML5 export option would be grayed out.

It’s about extensions from what i know, and it’s all related to sfml (for example particule system). But yes i agree it would be nice to have flag, work on a common three then make 2 different exports.

You can de/activate platforms in the extensions window, right click in the platform and then “Do not/Use this platform”. If you activate both platforms, you can select in wich platform preview with the little arrow under the Preview button :slight_smile:
By the way, you hav to re-open your scene after change the platform targets to update changes :wink:

Yes, this is about extensions, but not only related to SFML. For example multitouch is only available for HTML5 games, and not-graphic related extensions as Pathfinding were only available in native games for a while :slight_smile:

And again I learned something new. ^^
Thanks guys.