Compatibility Concerns: GDevelop Performance on Intel Core i7 Laptop Models

Hello fellow GDevelop users,

I’ve been considering investing in a new laptop for my game development endeavors, specifically one equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor. However, before making the purchase, I wanted to reach out to the community to gather some insights regarding the compatibility and performance of GDevelop on specific Intel Core i7 laptop models.

If you have experience using GDevelop on an Intel Core i7 laptop, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your feedback. Here are a few specific questions to guide the discussion:

Have you encountered any compatibility issues while running GDevelop on your Intel Core i7 laptop?

How does GDevelop perform in terms of speed and responsiveness on your specific laptop model?

Are there any optimization tips or settings adjustments you recommend to enhance GDevelop performance on Intel Core i7 laptops?

Have you noticed any overheating or battery drain issues when using GDevelop intensively on your laptop?

Are there any particular Intel Core i7 laptop models that you would recommend or advise against for GDevelop development?

Your insights and experiences will be incredibly valuable in helping me make an informed decision about which Intel Core i7 laptop to choose for my GDevelop projects. Additionally, if you have any other tips or recommendations related to game development on Intel Core i7 laptops, please feel free to share them here.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Best regards,


Hey there,
I don’t have an Intel laptop - but I’ll try answering anyway.

1, Compatibility -GDevelop runs on Javascript, which power a lot of websites. Intel has never been reported as having compatibility issues with Javascript.
2, Heat - Generally, intel processors are better than AMD for generating less heat. However, unless you set the operating system to use as little power as possible, a laptop will always feel hot on your lap.
On Windows, the easiest way to do this was “Choose a Power Plan” then choosing Power Saver.
Battery life depends on the laptop, but I’d advise halving the advertised battery life for a rough estimate
3, Speed - I estimate an i7 above 9000 in its number should be good enough. The laptop should have atleast 8GB of RAM and uses SSD though. However, if you are savvy enough to ditch Windows 11 (either the trusted Linux Mint, Windows-friendly Zorin OS, or an “older” version of Windows), even 7000 should be amazing enough. The default operating systems in laptops are made to be terrible & full of bloatware when I bought a laptop in 2017.
Oh, I found PassMark’s benchmarks with its compare tools to be a good starting point.

In conclusion, tips for your next laptop…
Identify the good brands for your design needs (Lenovo isn’t terrible, I think)
Look at the CPU’s model number, the RAM 8GB> and that it has SSD.
If you need to go cheaper, be prepared to do tinkering in software.

Personally, I use a “Mini PC” - a small desktop PC with laptop parts shoved in it, with a shady Windows 10 OS. It has a Ryzen 5 from 2020 and I’m super happy with it, since it more than doubled the performance of the A4-9120 I had from 2017. GDevelop is very snappy, but on normal Windows 10 there’s noticeable delay when using the program.

Good luck!