Complex Operations, cos, sin, tan

Hello, I think I has been found a bug…
I need use the complex operations, tan, sin, cos, but really I need use “atan” (tan^-1), the problem is it: When I calcule atan(1) it should give me 45° (I checked it in a cientific calculator) but in the game it give me 0,785 approximately, then I checked a lot of values with tan, sin, cos and atan with a calculator and [size=150]Game Develop[/size], and [size=150]Game Develop[/size] always give me different values that should give me. Would like me if anybody check if it is a problem or bug of [size=150]Game Develop[/size] or if it is a problem with my computer.


Trigonometrics operations actually return back the result in radians, not in degrees. If you want to get the degrees from radians, just multiply the number you got by 360/2pi

And if you want to get radians from degrees, multiply by pi/180 ( or 2*pi/360 ).

Thus, cos(90*pi/180) will return 0 as excepted.

Yes… you are right, I hadn’t know that [size=150]Game Deveop[/size] uses radians, not degrees, thanks, you has been resolved my problem, now it works perfectly.
And you are right too 4ian, so for the inverse operation (from radian to degree), instead o use 360/2*pi, I can do 180/pi, anyway it works and solved my problem, thanks to the two.