Condition as "Platformer object is on specific platform object"

Hello everyone, I wonder if we could know or detect easily if platformer character is on different platform objects. I mean other than “If platformer is on floor” condition can we use like “if character is on _____” and can choose the object we want to test because we may have more than one platform object in the game such as plank,ground,box etc. This may make our coding easier. Looking forward to see your opinions on this topic.

Platformer “is in collision with” Grass or Dirt or Brick or whatever
Just look for condition COLLISION

What you saying doesn’t fully cover what I want but can be used as alternative to it.

What you are asking for would be done today with combining “player is on floor” and either “player is in collision with specific object here” OR “point is inside object” and a custom point on your player object that is slightly below the feet on the object.

Not sure there needs to be a custom event condition for that since it can be done today with only one more condition.

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I guess what you’re asking is this:

It should probably be moved from the “Other conditions” tab to the “Object” one.


Wow, didn’t know there was actually a condition like this, tyvm :slight_smile:

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Neither did I. I happened to see it mentioned in this post.

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