Confusion of objects

There is a line here:

Here, the Player(From a group Creatures) touches a dead Enemy(Also from a group Creatures) and removes it from the scene.

How do I get the engine to distinguish this? I need to make sure that the engine understands that the Enemy is dead, not the Player. And also that need to remove the Enemy, not the Player.

(Since the player can transform into any enemy and get the appropriate control, therefore it is placed in one group of “Creatures”)

On discord once guy came wanted same logic for ball for opposite teams
He had 4 teams and he wanted system where ball affects only two teams but not other two
While all teams were same objects just had different team variable (teams = player objects)

And what you just show was how i made it work for him

If object A variable is True
And object B variable is not equal to True (should be false by default)
Both objects are in same group for example Monsters
Then if you check if Monsters are in collision with Monsters
And if variable of Monsters is equal to True
Then it should delete only object from that group who have that variable set to True

So i would check variables of both objects from that group
MAYBE but i doubt it you need to use for each object event

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