Consistent way to get a piercing bullet effect on multiple enemies

So I want to have the player ship’s two guns shoot multiple projectiles at multiple enemies, that strike each enemy (there are several enemies on screen at once) for a set amount of damage each time. I’ve tried as hard as I can to get this to work with multiple variations but it’s never consistent. With one gun it works, but not with two.

The only way I’ve found this to semi-work is just have it to a set amount of damage with no Trigger Once, which just does damage according to each frame. The only issue is that I don’t like having the damage framerate dependent.

Does anyone have any experience getting around something like this?

Can you share the events that you have for one, and what you’ve tried to implement for 2?

Actually I just figured out a workaround, I put each bullet on a variable timer, and had it reset every few frames, so the damage is more consistent across every enemy / bullet.