Continued left/right movement

I’m trying to make my object go from right border to left border, but I want the movement to be continued until collision with any border, just like Tomb of the Mask but only right and left. I can’t find a solution. Please help!

Does that mean you press the key once and then it keeps moving?

Yes! I’m trying by making the deceleration value 0 but it doesn’t seem to work like I want to. I’m also playing with the physics behavior and conditions but any solutions yet.

you can set a scene variables, say “move”, value equals to 1, and then add a condition that if variables value is equal to 1 change its linear velocity on x axis to a negative value or add a force, when it reaches a specific point change the value of that variable then that object will no longer.move unless you add a condition to change the value of that variable!

Good! I’m definitely in a good path. I added the scene variable and then added a force (angle) Angle: hero.Angle() + 180; speed 100 and force multiplier: hero.ForceAngle() +50000 This seems to start working. The problem i. It just work for 1 side and I need to increase the force multiplier so when I press the correspond key the move don’t delay.