Continuous animation issue

So I have an animation for a character. The issue I am having trouble is that when the frame finishes the character starts back at the first frame thus is teleported back. I knew this when I was making it but I wonder how do I make so the game know the location where the animation finishes is the new location for my character. Here are the frames.

I already thank anyone who is willing to help : )

I’m not exactly clear on what you’re trying to achieve, but I take a guess. Turn off looping for the animation in the object editor. In in the event conditions, use the object’s Animation Finished to check when it’s done animating.

I hope this is the sort of thing you’re after.

I am basically trying to make my character move. The animation is meant to loop when its are walking ,but then it starts again at the beginning of the frame (so teleports back) and I simply want it to move forward and start the animation again at the new position. So that the character actually moves forward. I am also unsure how to make my character move forward the 6 pixels it does in the animation. So finish animation, move forward start animation again without teleporting back. I might be telling this in a way thats wayyy to confusing, but I hope I make some sense. Here is the issue, it ain’t moving forward, thats my literal issue. Move

Ah, I understand now :slight_smile:

Use the object’s Current Frame expression and check whether it’s the last one (I think this is a number you’ll have to work out) , and then move the object by the 6 pixels if it is the last one.

and how do I move just 6 pixels? I can add force but that keeps going. Should I check then if it’s on the first frame and stop? Although it moves by seconds so I don’t think that would work.

Just update the x position of the sprite by 6 when the last frame is reached?

Using a force and adjusting the sprite’s position gets too messy.

It does not seem to want to work? I have it on the 13th frame change the x position of character add 6. Maybe I also need to define which animation it is? Edit: Ok say it was 12th not 13th. Though my character move ALOT when I add 6. I tried 1 but that was not enough and 2 was too much. Still trying to figure that bit outMove So I fixed it by changing the animation back to idle at the last frame. Neat, thanks for the help : )