Control method causes conflict with an action?

For a while I was wondering why certain buttons weren’t working on my Gamepad and I realized it was only on buttons which were not directly related to the platform function.

Basically the A button on the gamepad would jump because I set it to simulate ‘Jump’ but when you press B to attack it would not work because it was simulating ‘Z’ even though ‘Z’ on the keyboard worked.

So I made an empty project where one keyboard key did an action unrelated to platform control and separately a gamepad button perform the same action. Only the keyboard button would perform the action. So I removed the keyboard button and then the gamepad button would perform the action.

So my question - as I would like my game to use either keyboard or gamepad depending on what the player wants - how do I make it so that both keyboard and gamepad can share all the same actions including those outside the plaform function?

I should note this also happens when default platform controls are disabled, only simulated buttons that use the default platform controls allowed shared usage.

Set a global variable to 1 or 0 if keyboard or pad is used.
Then you can make the actions depending on that variable.

It’s a workaround.

If you think you found a bug, please create a dummy project demonstrating the issue, and share it with us. :slight_smile: