Convert to C++

Something I thought of that could be helpful, a convert selected events to C++ button, where it would replace the selected events with the C++ equivalent using the experimental C++ editor. I think this would be helpful on multiple levels, first, it would provide a way to make the event editor less laggy without separating your events into a bunch of external layouts. Second it would provide an easier way to learn the C++ editor as we could easily see how the C++ code would translate to regular events, eliminating a lot of learning time if we are new to C++.

Thanks for your time!

Watching the C++ code generated by Game Develop is really not a good idea to learn C++ because the code is complicated and not readable.

Yeah it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to learn C++ that way, I’ve done a little C++ before using SFML but I cannot figure out how to use the C++ editor in Game Develop, even after looking at the documentation included in the SDK, I just thought a converter help make the process easier.

Maybe some examples should be good but not a converter. :wink:

Yeah, the events translated to C++ are hard to understand: It consists mainly of call to functions doing the actions/conditions and the management of the objects lists.
Maybe it would be better to have more examples for the C++ features indeed. :slight_smile:

Yeah some examples would certainly be helpful :smiley: .