Cool Programs for Gdevelopers

My Paint
this program is for linux and windows.
for sketch or professional drawing,anime blablabla.

look for all you can do

this program is for windows
this is for pixel art animations but work to for pixel art drawing without animation.

Pixel Art Studio
this program is for windows
one of the best tile making software just test it and smile :laughing:

for windows
pixel art
this logo show you what can be made with him

for windows and mac
Sound Effect maker very useful for retro games

for windows,mac,gnu/linux
record crop add distort fix export any sound


Wow, nice list! :smiley:
Personally, I would choose krita ( instead mypaint :slight_smile:

I use blender to render isometric tiles sometimes.
I use it for side scrollers too.
I use spriter for 2D characters
I haven’t heard a lot of the programs you mentioned though. I’ll have to check them out :smiley:

+synfig :

i used some of the programs blender and Synfig Studio those two are complicated. for me :confused: :laughing:
i will try to update the list if i find cool programs.

Blender takes getting used to, but synfig I could never get used to.
It has too many tools for me. Pencil 2D is more my style for 2D animation, but for sprites I use microsoft paint.
Heheh I feel kinda weird using something so… standard :neutral_face:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

GraphicsGale. It is literally THE program for PixelArt, both static and animated. It’s windows-only, but AFAIK works perfectly on Wine.

Guys, i’ve just created a Wiki page (in french for now but you can easily create an english one, i’ll translate from one to the other language) with all softwares exposed here, and some others.

Help would be appreciated on the wiki on this point : listing all softwares usable with Gdevelop with purpose, official websites, openSource/trila version/Commercial (licence), theme (graphic/animation/audio).

I’ve just created the topic but i’ll work on it today !

here it is for now :

EDIT : page created in both french and english, but i focus right now only on the english page, i hope someone will help me on translation, the main purpose is to give maximum information on the most used language.